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How to Best Prepare Your Home on Moving Day

Although moving can be quite stressful, it is possible to save yourself from hassles by hiring the right moving service for the job. You should also learn how to best prepare your home on moving day, so you can easily transport your belongings from your old location to another. Here are just some of the best things you can do to ensure a more efficient move.

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1. Decide on the date of the move.

Initially, you should choose a moving date that is most practical for your needs. For instance, you may want to choose a weekend for the move, as this will give you a better chance to prepare for it without sacrificing your work. In addition, a weekend can provide you with ample time to unpack and organize the different items in your new home.

2. Create a timeline of events before the moving date.

Once you have decided on the date that you plan to move, you can come up with a timeline of activities you need to accomplish per day. Organize these events in your diary, so you will not end up missing out on one task that is essential in making your move as efficient and as comfortable as possible.

3. Start contacting movers.

By this time, you should be selecting from a few potential moving companies to hire. Keep in mind that professional movers may have hectic schedules. This means, you will have to contact one at least two weeks before the move. It is also better if you contact at least three companies, and obtain quotes from them. By doing so, you can compare rates and decide on the right removalist to hire that meets your criteria.  Here’s a few options you can try, based on positive customer reviews.

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 4. Make an inventory of things you need to pack.

Having an inventory of your items will help you organize since you can easily tell which item you should bring, and things that require to be handled with care. With an inventory, you can also identify those items necessary for insurance reasons. As you do this, you may also start planning where each item should go in your new home.

5. Transfer utility services.

Weeks before the move, you should already contact utility companies to transfer services to your new location whether it is telephone, internet connection and similar items. Usually, requesting for transfer of services takes time. So, be sure to do this task way ahead of time.

So, are you ready for the move? If not, then make sure you have these items settled to have a more pleasant experience before, during and after your moving date.

Choosing The Right Furniture Transport For Moving

Relocation is not an easy task; that is why a serious plan is just necessary. Sometimes when budget permits, hiring an expert moving service can be the ideal option. These moving services will facilitate the relocation and handle everything that you will need to ensure a smooth and hassle-free transfer.

Most moving companies help businesses and private homeowners move and transfer items from one place to another. There are extensive options for moving services and removals that are suitable to your individual requirements, may it be an office relocation or apartment move among others.

Here’s a quick guide to some moving services that are available for you to choose from:

• Office Move Out. Office relocation can be hard and taxing if planned improperly.  Ideally, disturbance to your employees should be at a minimum. Coordinate with your chosen moving company to assure that they can do and manage the transfer of workstations and electronic equipment. Closed van trucks are usually the perfect vehicle to transport large office furniture and fixtures. Provide a floor layout to the removalist group, so they will be guided where to put everything.
• Apartment Transfer. Relocating to your new place is exciting but can turn out to be a nightmare, too! It is best to work with a removalist to help you make things easier and convenient. Remember to inform the crew about your goods that require special handling. Doing so, they can come in prepared. Let them arrange and have the necessary equipment ready. Closed van trucks are mostly the recommended vehicle to haul furniture and items that require a roomy space. Take the time to ask if there are insurance coverages included so you will have that peace of mind in case some untoward incident happens while the move is in progress.
• Mini Relocation. Mini moves doesn’t come easy. Preparation is still the ideal way to handle whatever kind of move that you might have. Find the time to discuss with them everything, so you can avoid problems during the big day. Sort out items that will be transferred to you so they can provide the best vehicle to use. Most of the time, the vehicle is determined according to the size and volume of items to be transferred. A mid-sized van should be okay if sizes are wieldy otherwise the company may suggest a bigger van to billet all your things.
• Student Movers. This is a customised removal service made for students to help move their stuff to their respective school dorms and apartments. This type of moving services is pocket-friendly and relatively cheap as compared to the rest of the available removal services. Closed van or closed truck are mostly used in transferring those study tables, closets, dressers among others from your children’s house to their individual schools.

Relocation and moving in whatever form can be a stressful experience for everyone. But with careful planning and advance preparation, moving should be manageable.

Choosing the right removalist will help you do the job in a smoother and convenient manner without going crazy and worrisome. Remember to consider getting professional help from these removalists so that you are guaranteed with a hassle and trouble-free transfer!

Tips For Furnishing Your Home For Re-Sale

Showing off and selling your home can be a smooth and easy job if everything is ready and in place. See how a well-arranged home can impress your buyers,  eventually getting that sale and easily close that deal you’ve always wanted!

Getting started is just as easy. Consider the design and the things that matter, as if you are planning and designing your own personal space. Put yourself in the shoes of the home buyer. What will you look out for when buying your own?

Ready, Set, Inspect

Here’s a quick guide and task list on how you can pull off a problem-free makeover to help you sell your place just as fast:

• Walk through and inspect the whole house. See which requires a long overdue clean-up and repairs. Get rid of dirt and clutters. Throw out useless stuff that has long been sitting there and keep those that you can still use. You can also consider the need for a repaint to give your home a newer look. You might need to hire a carpenter or a plumber to help out installation of outdated home fixtures like faucets, windows, and doors. All must be in tip-top shape.
• Ensure that the outside of the house is fixed and in order. First impression is relatively important. It should come clean. It must give a secured feeling that the house is well-maintained and taken care of.
• Should repainting be necessary, do so with the neutral colours and palettes. Sure it will give everything a cleaner and fresher ambience.
• Depersonalise the space. This means you have to remove your personal effects in and around the house. Family or personal photos, religious articles, and other stuff should be out of sight. Pack away collections, fragile goods, and valuables. Give your buyer a chance to have that ‘feel’ and imagine themselves living there. This is deemed difficult if they see a photo of another family within the place. Let your buyers envision their own personal belongings in the house.
• Minimise furniture. Remove excess fixtures. By doing so, this will make the space appear larger and more spacious. Keep displays at a minimum. Clear off shelves,  tables, and other functional compartments available.
• Make sure that all rooms are designed for its specific single purpose and what these are intended for.
• Gender neutral bedrooms will never go wrong. Crisp and clean linens are always in.
• Windows should be kept clean and clear. No dusts and fingerprints, please.  Best if the curtains are widely open to give a lighter and brighter feel.
• The tiles all over the place such as kitchen counter and floors, bathroom walls and floors must be scrubbed clean and free of unwanted stains. Bleach white grouts if needed. Scrape out all badly mildewed and damaged parts.
• Check out the rest of the home floorings. It should also be thoroughly cleaned up.

Detach With Ease

Above all else, consider the place as yours no more. This is the most difficult thing to do, but as you sell the house you need to let go and must have distance from it.

The buyers should feel that the place is their own and a more compelling reason for them to want to buy it. You see, doing all these isn’t as difficult as you have ever imagined!

How Can A Rubbish Removal Company Help With Your Move

Moving out of your home can be a daunting thing to do. Before you move out, you have to be sure that all the things you need are placed and packed properly. And of course, the things that you will be leaving behind should be out of the house in no time! This is where enlisting the help of a rubbish company on your moving comes in super, duper handy.

When Junk Needs To Be Cleared

There are a number of junk removal companies that are out in the market today. They not only help you in removing all the debris and garbage that you will be leaving behind, but they can also help you pack and load your things onto the truck. This is a truly efficient way of getting things done in a professional level.

These men and women of the junk removal industry take pride in what they do. They give you a hand when you need it and help you keep organised. They are known to do a fast and reliable job, and they will be bringing this in when they come to you.

The definition of rubbish or junk would mean the things that you do not use. The removal of these things is important as there would still be people to live in the house that you will be vacating. Rubbish companies can help you move your “junk,” clean out the landscaping, and help you with the cleaning. It is a stressful thing to do alone and enlisting the help of people you know can be a great help!

When Rubbish Means Well

The services that a rubbish company can offer you would range from junk removal to moving services, as well as landscaping. Aside from the main services that they offer, there are also some added services that they can help you with like dock, tree, brush, snow removal, and demolition. Expert construction, commercial, and residential cleaning are also one of the services that they are most noted for.

Rubbish companies are known to do their jobs fast, reliably, and professionally that is why they are a great help when you move out. With this, you can be assured of a professional, stress-free moving experience! They know what they are doing and can assure you that the house that you will be leaving behind will be as welcoming to the family ahead.

Massive Increase in World Shipping Traffic, Spikes Worry Over Emissions

The oceans of the world have seen a staggering increase of shipping traffic over the last few decades; a new study
displaying satellites data has produced global shipping maps showing unbelievable growth. According to the study, ship traffic has quadrupled in the last 20 years alone, leaving many legitmately concerned about emissions and ocean pollution. First published in Geophysical Research Letters, the satellites studied carried radar altimeters, which can measure the height of the sea’s surface by projecting a radar beam. This process was originally invented to measure icebergs and sea levels, but has now been employed to monitor ship traffic as well. The environmental impact of this massive spike in ocean traffic is attributed mainly to China’s growth, and experts are stumbling to conceive of ways to balance the damage without negatively harming the world’s economy. Functional Living Furniture Removalists, a long time established freight and transport operator in the region claims that without immediate intervention by governments world-wide, this issue is set to escalate beyond a repairable level.

ABC News to the Rescue for Unpaid Moving Claims

Sometimes, the media is indeed a knight in shining armor.
One man shared a tale this week about a move from LA and Vegas that went horribly wrong. The moving company successfully transported all the man’s belongings to Sin City then had the truck stolen and completely empty overnight. Since the man in question paid for $100k worth of insurance, the assumption is the claim would be paid quickly and things would be made right. Not so – the insurance company the gentleman was told to deal with only offered a $25k payout; that is, until ABC got involved and made it all right. The moral of the story: If you’ve been wronged by a moving company, take your case to the public. Use the web and social media to share your story, and do all you can to simply get a fair resolution.

Skip the Driving on Long-Distance Moves

For some folks, allowing strangers to pack their precious belongings is simply not an option. But driving across country with a truck full of heavy items may not sound like a dream road trip. Thankfully, you’ve got options. Companies like ABF U-Pack Moving will provide all the equipment and muscle power required to load, drive, and unload your belongings, leaving the task of packing fully in your control. U-pack companies allow movers to stand responsible for safely packing their belongings, but alleviates the stress of driving long-distance. These are obviously much more economical choices too, as compared to full service movers. One of the most well-known large moving companies, United, also offers “container services”, which is exactly the same scenario – you pack, and leave the transporting to the professionals.

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Advice for Avoiding Mover Scams

Like any industry, the world of moving and transport has good guys, and not so good guys. It doesn’t take an expert understanding of moving and transport to make a sound decision when choosing movers, however; just a little wisdom goes a long way. Your first step is to compile a list of movers who cover the areas you need. Some companies do long hauls, some are exclusive to local moves. Once you have a sizable list, call each them to get estimates, go over basic policies, and make sure they are fully insured (that’s a big one.)  Additionally, the internet is your friend; look at sites like Yelp and Angie’s List to make sure they have high customer satisfaction. Most importantly, research how the movers deal with complaints, because accidents can and will occur. If they don’t give you good answers about policies and procedures, they aren’t worth the risk to handle your valuables.

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